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What Men Should Know About Jewelry

Men or boys see females such as their sisters, mothers and girlfriends wearing jewelry, but they know nothing about it. They definitely compliment women flaunting their jewelry, but are in a soup speaking of gifting or purchasing jewelry. Conversely, they can adhere to some guidelines regarding jewelry.

1. Shopping for you is alright, but never involve in buying for your wife without her. In case of important occasions involving high price tag, taking her for the purchase is the best. In case you plan to give a surprise, present a gift certificate to her choice of jewelry store or else she will never wear it or ask you to take it back.

2. Three occasions that are appropriate to buy jewelry for someone special are the birthday, Valentines Day and Christmas. These are the occasions that the buyer is always uncertain about buying the right jewelry and can simply take assistance from similar age group female friends.

3. Learning about jewelry and other precious metal settings, its grades and values help in buying jewelry for gifting. However, major metals that are available in jewelry are gold, silver, titanium and platinum.

4. Choose a jeweler having good reputation as this is …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry

Jewelry finding is a relatively new word in the fashion jewelry market today. Many people want to know what exactly are jewelry findings and what role do they play in the creation of fashion jewelry. If you are also confused, here are some frequently asked questions about jewelry findings and what some of the most common ones are used for.

What are jewelry findings?

Jewelry findings are basically all the parts that are used to join pieces of jewelry and their components together to form a completed jewelry article. These include clasps, earwires, ring blanks, metal loops, bails, jump rings, brooch assemblies, pin stems and so on.

What are jump rings used for?

The double twisted loop that you find attached onto a necklace chain is known as a jump ring. It is mainly used to ensure that the pendant does not become detached from the chain. Before, jewelry makers would use a split ring which was not very secure and could easily open if pulled.

What purpose do crimp beads have in jewelry making?

Crimp beads are used to secure the thread before beads are added to the necklace or bracelet. In order to attach crimp beads, you will …

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Exciting Bits of Information and Trivia About Jewelry

Gold jewellery was first used in Egypt, way back around the year 3000 BC. Gold invariably happened to be the preferred metal for making jewelry during ancient times.

So what is it that makes gold the preferred metal for making jewelry for nearly five millennia?

Gold does have some amount of mysticism associated with it! It’s a rare metal which is easy to work upon and never tarnishes.

During the year 1922, an archeologist named Howard Carter led an expedition which led to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. The tomb was mausoleum of an ancient emperor, and within the tomb, the archaeologists discovered some gold artifacts.

Let’s take an overview of jewelry as found in recent times.

Upon running through the contemporary history of jewelry, we find that Hollywood has laid an influence upon the presentation and styles.

American culture was a significant part of European lifestyle during the 1940s and 1950s. The movies and prominent film stars laid an influence of women’s hairstyling and makeup. These had strong undertones of glamour.

Television too has laid an influence upon women’s jewelry. Let’s consider an instance.

Dynasty and Dallas were much sought after and television soaps from the 1980s. With the …

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All About Jewelry Polishing Cloths

Jewelry polishing cloths help you in cleaning your jewelry. The cool with the cloths is that you can easily find them in jewelry stores.

Factors To Consider When Buying Jewelry Polishing Cloths

There are many factors that you need to consider when buying the cloths. These factors include:

Size: the size of the cloth depends on the size of your jewelry. For example, if you have a small piece of jewelry, you should go for a small piece of cloth.

Ply: is the jewelry cloth single or double ply? A double ply cloth is made up of two cloths that have been sewn together. The outer cloth buffs while the inner cloth cleans. The inner cloth is usually treated with a special powder that aids in giving your jewelry a great shine.

Quality: just like everything else, you need to consider the quality of the polishing cloth. As rule of thumb you should go for the highest quality piece of cloth that you can afford. When it comes to quality, you should consider the shape. You should ensure that the cloth is a perfect square or rectangle. You should also ensure that the stitching is neat and …

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