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Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry

Jewelry finding is a relatively new word in the fashion jewelry market today. Many people want to know what exactly are jewelry findings and what role do they play in the creation of fashion jewelry. If you are also confused, here are some frequently asked questions about jewelry findings and what some of the most common ones are used for.

What are jewelry findings?

Jewelry findings are basically all the parts that are used to join pieces of jewelry and their components together to form a completed jewelry article. These include clasps, earwires, ring blanks, metal loops, bails, jump rings, brooch assemblies, pin stems and so on.

What are jump rings used for?

The double twisted loop that you find attached onto a necklace chain is known as a jump ring. It is mainly used to ensure that the pendant does not become detached from the chain. Before, jewelry makers would use a split ring which was not very secure and could easily open if pulled.

What purpose do crimp beads have in jewelry making?

Crimp beads are used to secure the thread before beads are added to the necklace or bracelet. In order to attach crimp beads, you will need crimping pliers. You will need to thread the wire through the loop of the clasp and add a small bead to hold both the threads. In order to secure both the threads, you will need to thread a crimp bead and close it with the use of crimping pliers. Once done, you can thread the beads and repeat the procedure at the other end.

What is a headpin and an eyepin used for?

A piece of wire that has a flattened end is known as a headpin and it is mostly 38mm long. It is used to thread beads to jewelry wire. An eyepin is a type of jewelry finding that has a loop at the end which can be used to link to another eyepin. These are mostly used to make earrings.

What is a folding crimp used for?

These are crimps which are mostly suitable for thicker materials such as leather and cotton. Necklaces and bracelets which are made from leather materials or fabric mostly use folding crimp to securely hold the ends together. It has a loop which can be attached to the bracelet or necklace with a jump ring.