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About Jewelry Photography For Your Business

Not all jewelry photographs are created equal. There is more than one way to photograph jewelry, and as with everything else some methods produce better results than others.

Batch Shooting

This type of jewelry photography is the favorite of manufacturers, the goal being speed and economy. This method results in a reasonably decent photograph of each piece just to see what it is, creating a photographic copy of the real thing for manufacturers to show to experienced retailers.

With “batch shooting” only one lighting setup is used no matter the size shape or color of the piece of jewelry, The setup consists of a “hot box” and 2 or 3 lights and a point-and-shoot camera on a tripod. A “hot box” is literally a six-sided box made from white silk with an opening on one end for the camera lens. The actual lights used are anything from photographic strobes to desk lamps which are pointed at two the sides of the box, sometimes at the top of the box as well. The jewelry is placed in the center of the box. If necessary the piece is held in place with bee’s wax or hot glue.

Then click – the photo …

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Thinking About Jewelry Storage

Storing antique jewelry safely involves special jewelry storage considerations, that are often overlooked.

When you invest in gold and diamond antique jewelry to reduce the risk of burglary, you should keep your jewelry out of easy reach and out of sight. To keep your jewelry safe and secure and in the best possible condition, choose a home-safe, lock-box, your traditional wooden jewelry boxes, lock-box, jewelry organizer, jewelry armoir, the popular but non-traditional unique jewelry boxes or even your burglar-proof gun vault, with the same care as when you choose your antique jewelry.

Protect your antique jewelry by storing it in a secure location in your home. Security in your home, especially when you have a sizable antique jewelry collection is critical. Convenience, fire and theft are good reasons why antique jewelry investors often own a safe or other type of lock-box. It’s more expedient if you run an antique jewelry business and need to photograph your jewelry regularly to use a lockbox, in the home rather than a safety deposit box.

Going to the bank to retrieve jewelry gets tiresome.

You would be surprised at the amount of people that “hide” their “Good Bits”.

If you do ‘hide’ your jewelry …

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Tips To Become Educated About Jewelry

People wear jewelry for different reasons. Some wear jewelry for fashion reasons, using items like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to work with their wardrobes. Others wear jewelry for practical reasons, using items such as watches for keeping time. No matter what reason you choose to wear jewelry, the tips in the following article should help you choose which jewelry to wear that best suits your reasons.

Rings that feature gemstones as a focal point and diamond accents are an affordable alternative to the more expensive diamond-only rings, earrings, and necklaces. Colored stones add a gorgeous and distinctive look that stands out in ways that ordinary diamond jewelry cannot. Sapphires and emeralds are currently the most popular alternatives to diamonds.

Attending yard-sales is a great way to build up a collection of jewelry. Many people sell old costume jewelry for practically pennies. This is a perfect opportunity to stock up on broken pieces that can be repaired or made into new jewelry later. Many new beautiful pieces of jewelry can be born of old broken pieces. Use yard-sales to build up your collection.

Consider purchasing pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry provides a sophisticated look, and it is relatively inexpensive. Do not buy …

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Learning About Jewelry

It is a fact that most females are interested in learning about jewelry because they are interested in wearing them. Wearing diamond jewelry is a dream for every woman. However, a very few of them are aware of its properties.

Diamond is the hardest substance on this planet. Apart from that, it is one of the most expensive stones. Its cost changes according to the weight, category and size. In chemical terms, diamond is an allotrope of carbon. In addition to that, carbon is one of the softest substances on earth. However, both these substances have the same chemical structure. Thus, their properties are similar to some extent as well. Knowing the properties of a stone is very important for a person who is interested in it. The thermal conduction levels of diamond are very strong. This level is four times stronger as compared to copper. However, diamond is not a very strong conductor of electricity.

There is a property of diamond which also determines the level of its purity. The strength of this substance depends on the extent to which light can pass through it. Impure diamonds have small interferences called inclusions. These interferences prevent light from passing through …

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Jewelry

For most of you, the thought of getting a Valuation or Appraisal on your Jewelry is NOT at the top of your list.

But it should be.

To often, clients assume that their Jewelry is either…

  • # Not Valuable enough to bother
  • # Covered by their Household insurance
  • # Safe on their Finger, so it won’t get lost

All of these assumptions are WRONG and we cover some suggestions in our Insurance article (address given below) and the security pages under the Learning Section of the Online Appraisal Center.

If you are concerned about these matters and haven’t had the chance to read them yet, we suggest you take a little side trip and cover the bases, soon as possible…

…Before the ring falls off the finger or the chain gets lost while swimming or the Diamond (was it a Diamond?)…

Get the Picture..?

That’s exactly What a Jewelry Appraisal Valuation Certificate is for.

Types of Jewelry Appraisal Valuations

The main type of Valuation or Appraisal we come across is the Valuation for Insurance. This is the one you would normally receive from your local Jeweler or Gemologist.

It is basically designed to cover you (through your insurance policy) against

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