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Learning About Jewelry

It is a fact that most females are interested in learning about jewelry because they are interested in wearing them. Wearing diamond jewelry is a dream for every woman. However, a very few of them are aware of its properties.

Diamond is the hardest substance on this planet. Apart from that, it is one of the most expensive stones. Its cost changes according to the weight, category and size. In chemical terms, diamond is an allotrope of carbon. In addition to that, carbon is one of the softest substances on earth. However, both these substances have the same chemical structure. Thus, their properties are similar to some extent as well. Knowing the properties of a stone is very important for a person who is interested in it. The thermal conduction levels of diamond are very strong. This level is four times stronger as compared to copper. However, diamond is not a very strong conductor of electricity.

There is a property of diamond which also determines the level of its purity. The strength of this substance depends on the extent to which light can pass through it. Impure diamonds have small interferences called inclusions. These interferences prevent light from passing through the substance. In addition to that, diamonds having large inclusions are termed as weak. This is one of the significant things which you should know about diamond jewelry.

Apart from the properties mentioned above, the cut pattern of the stone is very important as well. How can you describe a well shaped stone? First of all, the edge of the stone goes in contrast with the facet. All strong diamonds have this property attached with them. However, the edges do not carry a regular shape in case of weak stones. This is one the factors which is used in determining the price of the stone. Diamond jewelry is a very expensive and a lot of factors have to be considered before buying it. Do not buy this stone from an unreliable resource to save a small sum of money. There are some prestigious companies which actually do not charge higher than what the actual worth of the stone and provide the stone in its purest form. Making your purchase from one of these companies ensures that you are buying a pure and original product.