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Thinking About Jewelry Storage

Storing antique jewelry safely involves special jewelry storage considerations, that are often overlooked.

When you invest in gold and diamond antique jewelry to reduce the risk of burglary, you should keep your jewelry out of easy reach and out of sight. To keep your jewelry safe and secure and in the best possible condition, choose a home-safe, lock-box, your traditional wooden jewelry boxes, lock-box, jewelry organizer, jewelry armoir, the popular but non-traditional unique jewelry boxes or even your burglar-proof gun vault, with the same care as when you choose your antique jewelry.

Protect your antique jewelry by storing it in a secure location in your home. Security in your home, especially when you have a sizable antique jewelry collection is critical. Convenience, fire and theft are good reasons why antique jewelry investors often own a safe or other type of lock-box. It’s more expedient if you run an antique jewelry business and need to photograph your jewelry regularly to use a lockbox, in the home rather than a safety deposit box.

Going to the bank to retrieve jewelry gets tiresome.

You would be surprised at the amount of people that “hide” their “Good Bits”.

If you do ‘hide’ your jewelry somewhere in your home, although I don’t recommend this way of storage, there are a couple of things to point out. Many people hide jewelry and then forget where they put them. Over the years it may fade from memory and should it happen they ever pass away, those pieces may never be seen again.