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About Jewelry Repair

In most fine jewelry shops, the bread and butter is jewelry repair tends to be its bread and butter. The repair of jewelry is such a crucial aspect of the whole jewelry industry that your typical jeweler has most likely gone through at least one course in the art of jewelry repair.

For a jewelry artisan, repairs might not be as vital as they would be for the jewelry shop, but still, they are an important part of the business. Whether you like it or not, customers will break the jewelry pieces you have made, regardless of how durable and properly made the jewelry is. It’s just one of those things. The customer may be at fault in some cases, or it could just be an unpreventable accident, or maybe carelessness on the jewelry maker’s part.

What about repairing jewelry that other jewelers have made. If your customers trust you and think you are good at what you do, they will likely come to you when a piece made by someone else breaks, rather than going to a typical repair shop like Fast Fix Jewelry repair.

So you will definitely want to give some thought to whether or not you …

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Dropping the Hint About Jewelry Boxes

Are jewelry boxes at the top of your Christmas list this year? If you want to make sure you get what you are hoping for, there are subtle ways of dropping hints about it to let somebody know that jewelry cases are on your mind. These are methods that are just enough to plant the idea of boxes as a gift for you in somebody’s head without going overboard. However, these techniques also take into account that some people may be slow on the uptake unless they receive clear, distinct messages.

Trying to Keep Your Jewelry Somewhere Else: Jewelry boxes are really the best place to keep jewelry, but if you don’t have one and would like one, try keeping your jewelry in odd or inconvenient places. Either your sock drawer or that of your spouse is a good place. Be sure, however, to use pieces that you can easily find or don’t mind losing. Keep some in the pantry too, so that when he’s getting the bread out some earrings fall on his head. When he starts asking why on earth you are keeping your jewelry in such places, remark casually that you aren’t as lucky as some women, …

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Important Facts About Jewelry Cleaning

Over time jewelry can lose its right-out-of the box sparkle. Tarnishing and scratches can occur from every day contact with objects and chemicals. When looking online there are many articles about cleaning jewelry and some can actually harm your jewelry. We can restore this shine and remove light scratches be using easily available items to make your jewelry shine like brand new.

Before getting started with jewelry cleaning, here are a few tips:

• Never use or allow your jewelry to come in contact with chlorine or bleach. It is a good idea to take off your jewelry before swimming and also if you are giving someone a hair coloring.

• Jewelry will tarnish more frequently in humid climates so cleaning and polishing will be needed more frequently.

• Most of the time you will be able to clean your jewelry at home, but there are times when a professional should be the one cleaning the jewelry. If your jewelry is heavily tarnished or has soot from a fire, you should consider having it professionally polished and cleaned. The jeweler will be able to remove the stones to clean underneath. This will allow light under the stone so the stone …

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How Much Do You Know About Jewelry

Every day we see women and men wearing all different types of jewelry without really stopping to think about it. Why do people wear jewelry and when did the practice start? What types of jewelry do people wear and what purposes does it serve? What metals and gems do people use to make jewelry and how many different types are there?

A Brief History

There is a great deal of archeological evidence which proves that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all wore jewelry. Most Egyptian jewelry was made out of gold. The ancient Greeks used gold and gems like amethysts, garnets and pearls to fashion necklaces and earrings. The Romans used many materials including wood, gold, amber, emeralds and garnets to make their trinkets.

In thirteenth century Medieval Europe a law was passed in some countries that made it illegal for all but the wealthiest people to wear sumptuous clothing and decoration. Every individual had to dress according to their station in life and certain jewels and materials were strictly prohibited for those below a certain rank.

By the seventeenth century jewelry was considered a fundamental part of a woman’s wardrobe. A lady would not be seen in public …

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The Truth About Jewelry Allergies

I can only wear gold jewelry, everything else breaks me out.” How many times did I hear that exact phrase from my mother when I was a child? Every time I would give her jewelry that was her response.

Why does everything but gold break my mother out? Is that statement even true? When I started designing jewelry over ten years ago I decided to find out. I wanted to design jewelry for my mom that she could wear without fear of a breakout. Now I am going to let you in on what I have discovered.

My mother, like many people, develops contact dermatitis when her skin comes in contact with some types of jewelry. Her dermatitis is a result of an allergic reaction to the nickel found in many types of jewelry. Nickel allergies are very common, in fact one out of every seven people are likely to suffer from a nickel allergy. More often, women tend to suffer from nickel allergies than men. Allergy treatment can help with the symptoms of a nickel allergy. Unfortunately once the allergy has developed, a person will remain sensitive to nickel for the rest of their life.

Nickel is found in …

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