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Dropping the Hint About Jewelry Boxes

Are jewelry boxes at the top of your Christmas list this year? If you want to make sure you get what you are hoping for, there are subtle ways of dropping hints about it to let somebody know that jewelry cases are on your mind. These are methods that are just enough to plant the idea of boxes as a gift for you in somebody’s head without going overboard. However, these techniques also take into account that some people may be slow on the uptake unless they receive clear, distinct messages.

Trying to Keep Your Jewelry Somewhere Else: Jewelry boxes are really the best place to keep jewelry, but if you don’t have one and would like one, try keeping your jewelry in odd or inconvenient places. Either your sock drawer or that of your spouse is a good place. Be sure, however, to use pieces that you can easily find or don’t mind losing. Keep some in the pantry too, so that when he’s getting the bread out some earrings fall on his head. When he starts asking why on earth you are keeping your jewelry in such places, remark casually that you aren’t as lucky as some women, who have boxes in which to keep their jewelry. Maybe one day, you’ll be more fortunate.

Make Your Own: Make your own box out of household materials such as cardboard, plywood, gingerbread or PVC piping, using beautiful, wooden and hand-crafted jewelry boxes as your model but making sure to make yours noticeably inferior. They won’t be the best place to keep your jewelry and your spouse will probably say so. You can just tell him that maybe some jewelry boxes are nicer than yours, but you don’t really have any choice unless some kind soul takes pity on you and gets you a decent replacement.

Talk About Your Friends’ Jewelry Boxes: Talk about how jealous you are of some of your friends because they have such gorgeous products, while you go without. Mention how you can only dream about having a box as wonderful as those of Jeanine, or Madeline, or Theresa. If only you could jump on the jewelry boxes boat and have one to compare with them.

Artwork: Set up an easel and canvas and begin to wistfully and longingly paint detailed pictures of jewelry boxes. You can then sigh theatrically and say that if only you had a real jewelry box you wouldn’t be forced to paint pictures of them. Paint several and hang them in every room of the house so that jewelry boxes are what both you look at all day long. It’ll be hard for both of you to shake the image.

The Casually Open Webpage: If you’ve been browsing the internet for a while, be sure, when you’re finished to leave the browser open and sitting on a boxes-oriented website. It’s the twenty-first century equivalent to casually leaving a catalog lying around, open to the page displaying what you want. Actually, this might be easiest (and safest) thing to do.