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How to Talk About Jewelry

The best way to sell jewelry is the old school way… by talking to your customers. You got that right, talking to customers is still by far and away, the best way to sell your jewelry. Talking to your customers, you personally take them through your selection, so they can feel more personal touch from your business. The problem is, that you may not know what to say, or how to talk about your jewelry,
what words to use, what words to not use, when meeting with prospects.

Here are some bits and pieces of advice for you. Start by asking your customer how they are doing, or comment about the weather. Make your clients feel relaxed when talking to you. When describing your jewelry, do not use slang words, nor professional jargons. Your clients may not understand you. Talk to your customers as if they do not know anything about the jewelry you are selling. Never assume that your clients know enough for you might miss out on some facts they might be interested in, that might just be the selling point in the whole conversation.

Information is crucial in talking to your clients. Always mention where the jewelry …

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Facts About Jewelry Earrings For Men

Nowadays there are a vast number of men that wear jewelry earrings. There are also a vast number of men that are conscious about the way that they look and the clothing that they wear. A lot of men feel that it is not only important to be presentable but it is also very important to be fashionable.

There are a vast number of television programs that encourage men to take pride in their appearance and these programs also show men those latest fashions. Some of the television programs even conduct makeovers on men that have not quite got it as yet. Surprisingly there are some men that feel that it is girly to be up to date with fashions and to take a pride in their appearance however this is in fact on the case.

Masculine jewelry is becoming more popular especially the jewelry earrings that are designed to be worn by men. The masculine jewelry is actually one of the latest crazies at the moment.

There are a vast number of men that will boldly wear jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and earrings and they tend to get ones that will offset their hair and their eyes as well …

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What You Need To Know About Jewelry

A jewelry armoire is one of the most versatile units that you should have as a fine jewelry collector. The cool thing with the armoire is that it’s able to accommodate a wide range of items. It’s also able to preserve the items in one compact place.

Types Of Armoires

There are many types of armoires that you can go with. The most common ones are:

Wall Armoires: These are shallow units that are mounted on a wall and resemble a medicine chest. They come with hooks, drawers and a mirror at the back of the swing-door. You can hang your jewelry on the hooks or put the jewelry in the drawers. These armoires come in different designs depending on the manufacturer.

Dresser-Top: They are designed to sit on top of a dresser, vanity or desk. They are usually 20-30 inches tall and come with a vertical stack of shallow drawers and swing-out doors where you can hang your necklaces. There are some that have ring trays. In most cases, the top flips up to reveal a mirror.

Floor: They are freestanding and reach about 48 inches tall. They extend all the way to the fall or …

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