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How to Talk About Jewelry

The best way to sell jewelry is the old school way… by talking to your customers. You got that right, talking to customers is still by far and away, the best way to sell your jewelry. Talking to your customers, you personally take them through your selection, so they can feel more personal touch from your business. The problem is, that you may not know what to say, or how to talk about your jewelry,
what words to use, what words to not use, when meeting with prospects.

Here are some bits and pieces of advice for you. Start by asking your customer how they are doing, or comment about the weather. Make your clients feel relaxed when talking to you. When describing your jewelry, do not use slang words, nor professional jargons. Your clients may not understand you. Talk to your customers as if they do not know anything about the jewelry you are selling. Never assume that your clients know enough for you might miss out on some facts they might be interested in, that might just be the selling point in the whole conversation.

Information is crucial in talking to your clients. Always mention where the jewelry comes from, by who was made of. Talk to them about the material used and how you created it. Your client will surely want to find out if the jewelry is made out of pewter, stone, shell, or other natural material. The more you describe the product, the less doubt and questions the buyer will have.

If you really want to achieve high sales just by talking to your clients, you better use positive and descriptive words to pertain to your products. Say some inspiring words to excite your customers into buying your works of art such as wonderful, priceless, irresistible, splendid, sexy, passionate and unique.

Another trick is to use the interplay of words to create something functional yet exciting. Instead of just saying earrings, why don’t you call it “ear candy”? Wouldn’t you be more interested in buying ear candies than plain old earrings?